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miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Bibliografía de John Stott

A. Libros publicados en Estados Unidos o Inglaterra:
  1. Men with a Message: An introduction to the New Testament and its writers (London: Longmans Green, 1954), now O/P. First USA edition published by Eerdmans, 1964, under title Basic Introduction to the New Testament.  A second and illustrated edition, rewritten by Stephen Motyer, was published under the title The Story of the New Testament (Angus Hudson/Eerdmans, 1994; Candle Books, 1997 & 2001).  
  2. Fundamentalism and Evangelism (Crusade Booklet, 1956; published by Eerdmans as a book in 1959).  Now O/P.
  3. Basic Christianity (IVP, 1958, revised 1971; Eerdmans, 1958, revised 1971). A 50th anniversary edition was published by IVP in 2008.
  4. Your Confirmation (Hodder, 1958), now O/P. Reissued under the title Christian Basics, sub-titled ‘An Invitation to Discipleship’ (Monarch UK and Baker USA, 2003).
  5. What Christ Thinks of the Church: Expository addresses on the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation (Lutterworth, 1958; Eerdmans, 1958 & 1972). A revised and illustrated edition (Word, 1990 and Harold Shaw USA). Also Angus Hudson, (1990 & 1995). Paperback text only edition published in 2003 by Monarch (UK) and Baker (USA).
  6. The Preacher’s Portrait: Some New Testament Word Studies (Tyndale, 1961; Eerdmans/IVP, 1961 & 1991).
  7. Confess Your Sins: The Way of Reconciliation (Hodder, 1964; Word, 1974).
  8. The Epistles of John: An Introduction and Commentary (Tyndale, 1964; Eerdmans, 1964).
  9. The Canticles and Selected Psalms (Hodder, 1966)
  10. Men Made New: An exposition of Romans 5-8 (IVP, UK, 1966; IVP, USA, 1966 & Baker, 1984).
  11. Our Guilty Silence: The Church, the Gospel and the World (Hodder, 1967 & 1973; Eerdmans/IVP, 1969).
  12.  One People: Clergy and Laity in God’s Church (Falcon, 1969; IVP, 1970; revised Revell, 1982). 
  13. Christ the Controversialist: A study in some essentials of evangelical religion (Tyndale, 1970; IVP, 1970)
  14. Understanding the Bible (Scripture Union and Gospel Light, 1972, revised Scripture Union 1976 & 1984; Zondervan, 1979, 1984 & 1999; Family Christian Stores Edition, 2001).
  15. Your Mind Matters: The place of the mind in the Christian life (IVP, UK and USA, 1972).
  16. Balanced Christianity: A call to avoid unnecessary polarisation (Hodder/IVP, 1975).  Now O/P.
  17. Christian Mission in the Modern World (Falcon/IVP, 1975 and IVP 2nd edn 1977).  O/P on UK.
  18. The Baptism and Fullness of the Holy Spirit (IVP, USA, 1964 in book form; revised 1976 under the title Baptism and Fullness: The Work of the Holy Spirit Today).
  19. The Lausanne Covenant: An Exposition and Commentary (Worldwide Publications, USA, 1975.) This material was later included in Making Christ Known, edited by JRWS, Paternoster (UK) and Eerdmans (USA), 1996.
  20. Focus on Christ: An Enquiry into the Theology of Prepositions (Collins, UK and USA, 1979; Zondervan, 1981 under the title Understanding Christ).  An illustrated edition entitled Life in Christ, published 1991 by Kingsway (UK) and Tyndale House (USA). Also Candle Books, 1996. Paperback text only published in 2003 by Monarch (UK) and Baker (USA).
  21. The Bible: Book for Today (IVP, UK and USA, 1982; Discovery House, 1991 as You Can Trust the Bible: Our Foundation for Belief and Obedience, and also God’s Book for God’s People, IVP, USA, 1983).
  22. I Believe in Preaching (Hodder and Eerdmans, 1982. In USA as Between Two Worlds: The Art of Preaching in the Twentieth Century). Reprinted by Eerdmans in 2001 with the sub-title ‘The Challenge of Preaching Today’.
  23. Issues Facing Christians Today (Marshalls, 1984, 2nd edition 1990; 3rd edition entitled New Issues Facing Christians Today, Marshalls, 1999 in UK; 4th edition revised and contributed to by Roy McCloughry and with a chapter by John Wyatt, re-titled Issues Facing Christians Today, Zondervan, 2006.
  24. The Authentic Jesus: A response to current scepticism in the church (Marshalls, 1985 & 1992; IVP USA, 1985). 
  25. The Cross of Christ (IVP, UK and USA, 1986). A 20th anniversary edition with study guide published in 2006 by IVP.
  26. Essentials: A liberal-evangelical dialogue (Hodder, 1988) – co-author David L Edwards.  (IVP, USA, 1989) under the title Evangelical Essentials 
  27. The Contemporary Christian: An urgent plea for double listening (IVP, UK and USA, 1992. In USA, sub-title Applying God’s Word to Today’s World ).
  28. Evangelical Truth: a personal plea for unity (IVP, UK and USA, 1999. In USA, sub-titled a personal plea for Unity, Integrity and Faithfulness).
  29. The Birds our Teachers: Biblical lessons from a lifelong bird-watcher  Also sub-titled as Essays in Orni-Theology, (Candle Books in UK, 1999; Doubleday Books – WaterBrook Press, USA, 2000). A Collector’s edition was published by Candle Books in UK in 2007 together with a DVD, containing an audio of the text, and audio-visual recording of John Stott’s account of his 70th birthday trip to the Falkland Islands and Antarctica, illustrated with photographs by the author.
  30. The Incomparable Christ: Based on the AD 2000 London Lectures in Contemporary Christianity (IVP, UK and USA, 2001).
  31. Calling Christian Leaders: Biblical models of church, gospel and ministry (IVP, UK, 2002, and under the title Basic Christian Leadership (same sub-title) by IVP, USA, 2002). Studies in 1 Corinthians, chapter 1-4.
  32. People my Teachers: Around the world in eighty years, (Candle Books, UK, 2002; Kregel, USA, 2004). 
  33. Why I am a Christian: This is my story (IVP, UK and USA, 2003).
  34. Through the Bible Through the Year: Daily Reflections from Genesis to Revelation, (Candle Books, UK, 2006; Baker Books, USA, 2006).
  35. The Living Church: Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor (IVP, UK and USA, 2007).
  36. The Last Word, sub-titled ‘Reflections on a Lifetime of Preaching’ (Authentic Media, 2008).  Includes John Stott’s 2007 Keswick address entitled ‘Becoming like Christ’.
  37. John Stott at Keswick, sub-titled ‘A Lifetime of Preaching’ (Authentic Media, 2008) Contains the six Bible expositions given by John Stott at Keswick between 1965 and 2000 together with 3 sermons.
  38. The Radical Disciple, (IVP, UK and USA, 2010)
B. Las Exposiciones de La Biblia Habla Hoy (todo publicado por IVP en Inglaterra y Estados Unidos)

  1. The Message of Galatians: Only One Way (1968).
  2. The Message of 2 Timothy: Guard the Gospel (1973).
  3. The Message of the Sermon on the Mount: Christian Counter-Culture (1978). 
  4. The Message of Ephesians: God’s New Society (UK, 1979; USA, 1980).
  5. The Message of Acts: To the Ends of the Earth (1990).
  6. The Message of Thessalonians: Preparing for the Coming King (1991).
  7. The Message of Romans: God’s Good News for the World (1994).
  8. The Message of 1 Timothy & Titus: The Life of the Local Church (1996). 
C. Libros publicados en inglés pero no en Inglaterra o Estados Unidos:
  1. The Lordship of Christ in South Africa (Africa Enterprise: Pietermaritzburg, 1990).
  2. The Church in the New Millennium: Three Studies in the Acts of the Apostles (Zapf Chancery: Eldoret, Kenya, 2002). 
D. Libros publicados en otros idiomas y nunca traducidos al inglés:
  1. The Whole Christian (in Korean), (Christian Medical Fellowship, 1980. IVP, Korea, 1986).
  2. People Called to be Different (in Spanish), (Llamados a ser diferentes), (IINDEF, Costa Rica, 1998).
  3. Problems of Christian Leadership (in Spanish), (Los Problemas del Liderazgo Cristiano), (Ediciones PUMA, Lima/AGEUP Lima, 1994).
  4. A New Vision for the New Millennium (in Chinese), (Campus Evangelical Fellowship and China Lutheran Seminary Publishing House, Taiwan, 2000).

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